We are a small but charming ZOO located in the hearth of Sibenik old town, just a few steps from famous St. James cathedral. Perfectly sized for a short break from exploring the city, we offer fun and educational experience for the whole familly.

What can you see ?

Adriatic sea / 5 tanks / 6000 l / 20 species
Fresh water / America, Asia, Africa / 10000 l / 20 species
Reptile terrariums / 18 species

We are open every day
Including hollydays

Experience the beauty of sea, rivers, lakes, as well as the reptile world. Have fun and learn something new.

Public parking is available within 5 minutes walk from us. Protection masks are mandatory for visitors.

Price info

Guided tour where you can feed some of our species ( Aligator, turtles, sneaks , lizards and fish) and you can learn all the interesting facts about them. You can also handle some of the species and take pictures with them with contact if you like to do so.

Entrance fee:

  • Up to 5 years / free
  • Elementary school: 30 kn
  • High school: 40 kn
  • Adults: 40 kn


  • 2 adults + 1 kid = 95 kn
  • 2 adults + 2 kids = 120 kn

Private experience tour:

  • 3-6 people / 45 min / 350 kn

This is a tour designet for school groups where students can find out some really cool staff about wildlife and have close contact with some of our animals as well as to see how we feed them.

Aquarium-Terrarium Sibenik is a small zoo providing fun and educative experience for whole family. EXPERIENCE THE SEA , LAKE AND RIVER DEPTHS, and meet some of the interesting reptiles.


You do not have to book the exact time of your visit unless you would like a private experience tour, or maybe to take some photos with our animals with the help of our staff.

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