About us

We are a small but charming ZOO located in the hearth of Sibenik old town, just a few steps from famous St. James cathedral. Perfectly sized for a short break from exploring the city, we offer fun and educational experience for the whole familly.

What can you see?

  • Adriatic sea / 5 tanks / 6000 l / 20 species
  • Fresh water / America, Asia, Africa / 10000 l / 20 species
  • Reptile terrariums / 18 species

Closed untill 4/2024.


Experience the beauty of sea, rivers, lakes, as well as the reptile world. Have fun and learn something new.

Aquarium-Terrarium Sibenik is a small zoo providing fun and educative experience for whole family. EXPERIENCE THE SEA , LAKE AND RIVER DEPTHS, and meet some of the interesting reptiles.